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No tolerance for pollution in Kejriwal Government; Environment Minister Gopal Rai conducts on ground inspections himself

To protect the people of Delhi from air pollution, the Kejriwal government is working with 24×7 on its anti-dust campaign. 32 sites were fined to the tune of Rs 15 lacs for violating norms among the 103 sites inspected by various teams today. Under this campaign, Environment Minister Shri Gopal Rai, too, conducted a surprise inspection of an under-construction commercial complex near Khyber Pass today.  During this visit, he expressed happiness that all the guidelines issued by the Delhi Government are being followed at most of the construction sites.  Environment Minister Shri Gopal Rai appealed to all the construction agencies to undertake construction work following the standards issued by the government, so that the fight against pollution can be carried forward strongly. 

Shri Gopal Rai conducted a surprise inspection of the construction site of  a commercial complex in North Delhi today as part of the Anti Dust Campaign. Shri Gopal Rai said that an anti-dust campaign is being run by the Delhi Government from October 7 to October 29. “In this campaign, DPCC teams are visiting different districts and inspecting all construction sites. I had myself went to inspect the work of L&T going on in front of Pragati Maidan earlier.  There was a massive violation of the guidelines issued by the Delhi Government there after which strict action has been taken against them by the government,” he said. 

The Environment Minister said, “Today I conducted a surprise inspection of the construction site of a commercial complex. After inspection we found no violation of the rules. I am happy that whatever guidelines have been issued by the Delhi government for the agencies doing construction work, they are being followed here. Here, tin shed has been installed around the construction site. An anti smog gun has also been installed.  Water sprinkling is also being done.  Apart from this, the instructions which have been given are being followed well.  I am sure that all the construction agencies of Delhi will also follow the instructions of the government in the same way. Also, I appeal to all the private construction agencies and government construction agencies of Delhi carry out work while following the norms so that we can carry forward this fight against pollution with more strength.”

*103 sites inspected throughout Delhi; 32 heavily fined*

Teams of the environment department and DPCC conducted intricate inspection of 103 construction sites all around Delhi. 32 such sites were found to be violating anti-dust norms and fined to the tune of 15 lacs today.

 *5 lakh fine was imposed on L&T for violation of norms*

 It is noteworthy that Environment Minister Shri Gopal Rai had conducted a surprise inspection of the construction site being managed by L&T on Thursday. There were large-scale violations of the guidelines issued by the Delhi government. Dust was found flying all around the site. The tarpaulin net installed there was found torn into pieces. The anti-smog gun was kept only for show and there was no water in the tanker.  

Environment Minister Shri Gopal Rai had strongly reprimanded the officials concerned for causing dust pollution and has imposed a fine of 5 lakhs for violating the norms.  Along with this, a show cause notice was also issued to the construction agency. 

 *Kejriwal government is running a massive anti dust campaign all over Delhi*

 The Kejriwal government is running an anti dust campaign from 7th October to control dust pollution all over Delhi.  To take this campaign to the ground, 31 teams have been formed which are working in different areas to monitor which construction agencies are following the guidelines issued by the government. Teams have also been instructed to submit daily reports. Along with this, it has also been directed that strict action should be taken against every single agency causing dust pollution, so that the pollution of dust can be controlled.

*Construction/demolition activity in NCT of Delhi be undertaken only after ensuring the Dust Mitigation Measures prescribed as follow:*
1. Dust/wind breaking walls of appropriate height around the periphery of the construction site.
2. Installation of Anti-Smog Gun(s) (for >20,000 m2 built up area). 
3. Tarpaulin or green net on scaffolding around the area under construction and the building. 
4. All vehicles, including carrying construction material and construction debris of any kind, should be cleaned and wheels washed.
5. All vehicles carrying construction material and construction debris should be fully covered and protected
6. All construction debris and construction material of any kind should be stored on the site and not dumped on public roads or pavements. 
7. No loose soil or sand or Construction & Demolition Waste or any other construction material that causes dust shall be left uncovered.
8. No grinding and cutting of building materials in open areas. Wet jets should be used in grinding and stone cutting.
9. Unpaved surfaces and areas with loose soil should be adequately sprinkled with water to suppress dust. 
10. Roads leading to or at construction sites must be paved and blacktopped i.e. metallic roads (for >20,000 m2 built up area). 
11. Construction and demolition waste should be recycled on-site or transported to authorised recycling facility and due record of the same should be maintained.
12. Every worker working on the construction site and involved in loading, unloading and carriage of construction material and construction debris should be provided with an anti-dust mask to prevent inhalation of dust particles.
13. Arrangement should be provided for medical help, investigation and treatment to workers involved in the construction of building and carry of construction material and debris relatable to dust emission.
14. Dust mitigation measures shall be displayed prominently at the construction site for easy public viewing.

(EW Correspondent)



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