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No more blood facilities for the patients undergoing treatment with insurance: Sanjay Poddar

Ranchi | State Secretary of the International Vaish Mahasammelan, Sanjay Poddar, protesting against the resolution issued by the Department of Health and Family Welfare, said that the order by the government will no longer provide the facility of blood to the patients undergoing treatment with insurance, but now money is needed when blood is needed. This resolution is completely anti-poor policy and the convention strongly opposes this policy. It seems that the government will now fill its treasury by selling the blood donated by the public. After this resolution, even the beneficiary of Ayushman Yojana will not get the benefit of free blood. The government should know that the middle class and poor families in Jharkhand get their benefit from the Ayushman card. The thinking of the Prime Minister was that such people who are not able to get their treatment, who do not get good medical treatment. Such people were provided free treatment up to 5 lakh in Ayushman cards so that they could get the benefit of good medical treatment. But this decision of the state government is beyond comprehension. This order has been issued by the government that now the patient will have to write to the private hospital that the patient is not listed with Ayushman Yojana or any other insurance company, then after paying the fee to the patient, he will be able to get blood from the government blood bank. Due to this now the patients have to pay the processing charge in the government blood bank. Let us tell you that currently, private blood banks charge two to three thousand rupees for one unit of blood. The state government should immediately withdraw this decision keeping in mind the public interest of the people here.

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