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No effect on the sale of sand even after the government’s ban!

Husainabad (palamu): Illegal business is being done by the sand mafia from many ghats of the Hussainabad sub-division area for a continuous month. In this illegal business, work is being done to send many racks of sand from Japla railway station to cities like Delhi and Kanpur. However, till now no sand ghat has been tendered at a single government level in the Palamu division. Through which challan the sand is being sent out is a matter of investigation. Recently, when DRM Mughalsarai had come to inspect the section, the rake was being loaded on that day. The tender of the famous Badepur sand ghat of Lanumandal was held in 2020 for the storage of sand. The storage is also almost exhausted. Despite this, sand is being removed from the Soan river overnight by big trucks and sent out by the goods train. According to the information received, the sand mafia is busy illegally extracting sand on outside challans and sending them to Kanpur. Whereas the general public of the area is getting 2000 tractor sand after a lot of hard work for Prime Minister’s residence and personal works. In the name of the investigation, the tractor driver is being caught and locked in the police station. And thus the matter is covered up in the name of the investigation.



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