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National Press Day: Seminar organized in Sahibganj on role of journalism during Covid-19

02 minutes silence was observed on the death of journalist Late Dhananjay Mishra.

Media is the power of expression, and the fourth pillar of democracy: DC

EW Correspondent/Sahibganj

On the occasion of National Press Day, a Seminar cum get-together program was organized by the District Public Relations Department at the local circuit house, in which Deputy Commissioner Ram Niwas Yadav participated as the chief guest. On the other hand, DPRO Vikas Hembram and Dr. Ranjit Singh attended as special guests. In the program, the first District Public Relations Officer welcomed Deputy Commissioner Ram Niwas Yadav with a bouquet, and then Social Media Publicity Officer Roshan Kumar was welcomed by Public Relations Officer Wiket Hembrom. During the program, a seminar was also organized on the topic of the role of journalists in the Corona period. In the seminar, Sunil Thakur, Rab Nawaz Alam, Dr. Pranesh, Suresh Nirmal, Sant Shankar, Pankaj Verma, Mumtaz Numani, Arvind Thakur, Abhijit Rai, Sachidanand Mishra shared their journalism experiences during the Corona period, by keeping their views and burning flames.

Addressing the respected journalists in the program, Deputy Commissioner Ram Niwas Yadav said that whenever democracy comes, the constitution comes first. The media also comes under Article 19 in the same constitution of our country. Media is the power of expression, and the fourth pillar of democracy is the most powerful as it’s at the top. Whatever happens in Rajya Sabha or Lok Sabha is known only through the media. What society thinks is revealed by the media, also any plans of the district or state administration reaching the last person are revealed by the media. In the Corona era, journalists came to the fore and gave an example of humanity. All precautionary measures were conveyed through the media. The Deputy Commissioner remembered the demise of late Dhananjay Mishra, the eminent journalist of the district in the second wave, and expressed condolences to the family. Meanwhile, information about vaccination was also given through the media.
During this, Deputy Commissioner Mr. Yadav shared his experience and said that he has also lost his colleague, an IAS officer in Corona. For which a trust was formed on the initiative of all the IAS. Suggesting in this regard, he said that taking this as an example, all of you respected journalists together form a trust in the name of Dhananjay Mishra in the memory of late Dhananjay Mishra, they will have full cooperation. He said that in the coming days such trust can help him and his family members in case of any incident. In this sequence, he said that news is not negative-positive, it has a point of view, so does fearless and fair journalism.



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