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MP honored enlightened people by giving them body clothes

Palamu. MP Bidi Ram honored the enlightened people of the city by giving them clothes at his residence in Medninagar. On the occasion, the MP said that with the active participation of the intellectuals of the country, we will be able to stand as a prosperous and powerful nation of the world. The country is continuously moving forward under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He said that various public welfare schemes run by the government have transformed the country.


At the same time, the country’s pride and self-respect has increased by protecting the borders and working on world-class issues. Giving information about the schemes related to the development of Palamu parliamentary constituency, the MP said that the closed mines are working towards opening of graphite mines like Sokra, Somra, Tukbera, Manasuti. His tireless efforts are about to start production soon at Rajhara Kolvari.The people present demanded the MP to start the closed factories in the district at the earliest and to set up new factories so that the youth of Palamu parliamentary constituency could not go out in search of employment. They can get employment at the local level. Enlightened people said that there is immense potential in the tourism sector in Palamu which needs to be developed. During the Corona crisis, many trains have been stopped due to which the local people are facing a lot of difficulties.Especially Triveni Link Express so that people can easily come and go for treatment in Lucknow PGI.

BJP State Minister Vivek Bhavani Singh, State Training Chief Manoj Singh, Palamu District President Vijay Anand Pathak, Senior Leaders Vibhakar Pandey, Praful Singh, Vijay Ojha, Amit Anand, Bhola Pandey, Anuj Pandey, Pankaj Tiwari, Ishwari Pandey, were present on the occasion. Anant Singh, Sanjay Gupta, Somesh Singh, Dr. Vijay Singh,Sudhir Singh, Bhola Sao, Piku Tulsyan, Rishi Lath, Neelu Tulsyan, Pintu Gupta and Vinod Udaipuri.


(EW Correspondent)




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