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More than five thousand people gave covid test, one corona patient found

Jamshedpur: A total of five thousand 456 people were investigated in East Singhbhum district on Tuesday. Only one infected was found in it. These patients are Telco residents. The number of patients in the district has increased to 51 thousand 951. At the same time, one thousand 58 people have died. However, people still need to be cautious amid fears of a third wave of corona.

On Tuesday, samples of five thousand 436 people from different blocks of East Singhbhum district were sent to MGM College for examination. The report is expected by Saturday. A total of 16 lakh 94 thousand 53 people have been investigated in the district so far.

A total of three patients admitted to various Kovid hospitals of the city returned home after recovering on Tuesday. A total of 50 thousand 871 patients have become healthy in the district so far. The recovery rate of the district is 97.92 percent.

In East Singhbhum district, one thousand 373 people took the first dose of the vaccine on Tuesday. At the same time, four thousand 220 people took the second dose. So far a total of 13 lakh eight thousand 917 people have taken the first dose in the district. At the same time, five lakh 43 thousand 838 people have taken the second dose.

(EW Corespondent)



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