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Kejriwal Government launches the Business Blasters Program to ignite an entrepreneurial spark within the students of Delhi Government Schools

Tuesday was a historic day for the education system of Delhi. Deputy Chief Minister and Education Minister Shri Manish Sisodia launched the Business Blasters Program under the Entrepreneurship Mindset Curriculum. Shri Sisodia said that we are very proud that we are starting the Business Blasters program in Delhi Government schools. Today’s day will become the basis for the progress of the country. Shri Sisodia said, “The launch of Business Blasters will form the foundation of a developed India. If we start Entrepreneurship Mindset Curriculum and Business Blasters program in all the schools of the country, then the day is not far when we will change the history in our textbooks that India is not a developing country but a developed country. The day is not far when the children coming out of Delhi schools will stand in the category of job providers instead of waiting in line to get jobs.”

Dy. CM Manish Shri Manish Sisodia said, “Our aim is to not only change the name of India from a developing to a developed country, but to change the actual picture of our nation. We say that India is the country of youth but it is the country of educated yet unemployed youth. EMC will change this picture and make India a country of educated and capable youth. The day is not far when every child coming out of Delhi schools will not ask for a job but will create a job. And even if they are employed, the job will run after them thanks to their capabilities. I am sure that the children studying in Delhi schools will prove this picture to be true with their confidence. The job for which we are preparing our children today will be done by computers in the coming years. Instead of developing the entrepreneurial mindset in children, we are just teaching maths, physics, chemistry, language, social-science.”

Shri Sisodia said, “Today, about 25 crore people are homeless in India but lakhs of civil engineers are walking unemployed. 180 million people still go to bed hungry in the country and the children coming out of Agriculture Universities are saying that we do not have work. We are producing thousands of chemistry PhDs every year, yet there is a shortage of medicines in the country. This is sheer irony and raises a question on the education system. We have to see that there is a problem somewhere in the education system. The biggest drawback in the education system is that we are imparting knowledge to our children but we have not inculcated an entrepreneurial mindset. We are teaching them to work hard, making them talented but have failed to instil in them the courage to become an entrepreneur. These talents of ours were taken away by foreign companies and this benefited the economy of those countries. Today, it is seen in every household of India that through  “jugaad”, a person can get a job in an American or European company. We are not against it but we want our children with their talent and entrepreneurial mindset to set up such a company in India that the children of America and Europe also dream of working in these companies of India.”

He further said, “Jobs in the country will not be created by assurances from World Bank, NITI Aayog and leaders, but through programs like Business Blaster and EMC. Through these programs, not an army of job seekers will emerge from our schools and colleges, but we will have entrepreneurs who give jobs to the youth of the country. A fundamental drawback in our country is that the industries on which the country’s economy rests had started long ago in European and American countries. Flipkart started in our country but Amazon had made its hold all over the world.”

Shri Sisodia said that the dream of a 5 trillion dollar economy will not be fulfilled by any PM or CM, but by adopting a program like EMC and today is the day to lay its foundation; If 1000 principals and 1000 EMC coordinators of Delhi want, then this work will be done. 

Speaking about the various components of EMC, Deputy Chief Minister Shri Manish Sisodia said, “EMC has been designed in such a way that every student can apply their knowledge in real life. Along with sharing the success stories of entrepreneurs with EMC students, students are also given various activities to do. EMC also includes a micro-research project. Under this, children ask questions to 5 entrepreneurs and 5 working people related to their profession so that the children can understand the advantages and disadvantages of each profession. Also, now under the Business Blasters program, seed money of Rs 2000 will be given to the children. The objective of this project is to prepare the children to invest, eliminate the fear of starting a business from them and earn profit. Most importantly, even if they do not make a profit, they should learn to face their failure.”

The Deputy Chief Minister said that in the coming days, an EMC carnival will be organised with 100 top projects from Business Blasters project under EMC at zonal and district level. It will be rated by renowned successful entrepreneurs and universities for children. In this, the children included in the top 10 projects will be directly admitted to the BBA course in NSUT and DTU.

Kalkaji MLA Atishi, Education Secretary H. Rajesh Prasad, Director of Education Udit Prakash Rai, Education Advisor Shailendra Sharma, Chaayos Founder Nitin Saluja, Udhyam Group Founder Mekin Maheshwari and Goonj Founder Anshul Gupta were present in the program. The distinguished entrepreneurs discussed their projects with the children.

(EW Correspondent)



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