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Jharkhand must ensure safety and dignity 

The recent gang-rape of a Spanish woman in Dumka district of Jharkhand has shocked the nation and the world. The woman, who was on a bike tour with her husband, was dragged to a secluded place by a group of men and brutally assaulted. The police have arrested three suspects and are looking for the others. This is not the first time that a foreign tourist has been raped in Jharkhand. In 2013, a German woman was raped by two men in a hotel in Ranchi. In 2012, a Swiss woman was gang-raped by six men in Datia district of Madhya Pradesh, which borders Jharkhand.

These incidents raise serious questions about the safety and security of foreign tourists in Jharkhand and other parts of India. They also tarnish the image of the country as a tourist destination and damage its relations with other countries. The central government has been promoting tourism as a key sector for economic growth and employment generation. It has launched schemes such as Incredible India, e-visa, and Swadesh Darshan to attract more foreign visitors. However, these efforts will be futile if the tourists do not feel safe and respected in the country.

The state government of Jharkhand must take urgent and effective steps to prevent such crimes and punish the perpetrators. It must ensure that the police and the judiciary act swiftly and impartially in dealing with such cases. It must also provide adequate medical and legal assistance to the victims and their families. It must also create awareness and sensitization among the local people about the rights and dignity of foreign tourists. It must also coordinate with the central government and the embassies of the concerned countries to ensure proper communication and cooperation.

The state government must also realize that tourism is not only a source of revenue, but also a means of cultural exchange and mutual understanding. Tourism can foster friendship and goodwill between people of different countries and backgrounds. It can also showcase the rich and diverse heritage of Jharkhand, which includes its natural beauty, wildlife, tribal culture, and historical monuments. Jharkhand has the potential to become a major tourist hub, if it can ensure the safety and dignity of its guests.

The state government must also uphold the values of Ram Rajya and Sanatan Sanskriti, which are often invoked by the political leaders and the religious groups. Ram Rajya is the ideal state of governance, where justice, peace, and prosperity prevail. Sanatan Sanskriti is the eternal culture of India, which respects all forms of life and celebrates diversity. These values do not condone violence, oppression, or discrimination against anyone, especially women. They also do not allow the misuse of religion or politics to justify such acts. They demand that every citizen and every visitor is treated with respect and compassion.

The state government must act now to restore the confidence and trust of the foreign tourists and the international community. It must also ensure that Jharkhand becomes a safe and hospitable place for all. It must also remember that the safety and dignity of foreign tourists is not only a matter of law and order, but also a matter of honour and pride for the state and the nation.



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