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Jharkhand’s Natural Beauty Ignored in the Garu and Mahuadand Regions

Sanjay Kumar Pandey

Palamu EW News: The Latehar district of Palamu division remains synonymous with some of the most backward regions. The district, even today, lags behind in social, educational, and economic aspects. With a literacy rate hovering between 27% to 30%, approximately 85% of the marginalized population resides here, including Harijans, Adivasis, and minorities.

Garu and Mahuadand, under the jurisdiction of Latehar district, are areas blessed with natural beauty. Despite rivers flowing in Mahuadand, agricultural irrigation remains scarce. The lush forest areas have now become intimidating due to mass exodus, with even venturing into the jungles becoming a fear-inducing task for locals. It’s no exaggeration to say that Mahuadand, abundant in natural beauty, now resembles a desert without the oasis, where its highly educated population has spread across the nation and the world.

Had the government and its representatives shown the same commitment as some religious organizations, the region could have rivaled Kerala in educational achievements. Unfortunately, local politicians have largely neglected the area, resulting in rampant poverty and illiteracy. Such dire conditions have been a breeding ground for extremism. Tales of villagers fleeing their homes will surely bring tears to one’s eyes.

The only silver lining left in Latehar seems to be its natural beauty, spanning from Manika to Mahuadand, a stretch of 160 kilometers. The region, with its forests, rivers, and wildlife, could have flourished as a world tourist center with honest efforts. Currently, tourism in India is among the least revenue-generating sectors. If tapped into properly, tourism could substantially reduce unemployment in the region.

Basic issues plaguing the area include poverty, health, education, irrigation, roads, electricity, and water. Latehar stands as a testimony to nature’s precious gifts, including the perennial hot springs in Tatapani and the globally renowned Betla National Park. The need of the hour is sincere efforts to harness these gifts for the region’s development.



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