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Jharkhand Tribal Student Excels at London University, Credits CM Soren for Success

Ranchi, EW News: In a remarkable achievement, Ajay Hembrom, a dedicated tribal student from the remote village of Bhatin in East Singhbhum district, Jharkhand, has earned a degree with distinction from a university in London. Expressing gratitude, Ajay credited Chief Minister Hemant Soren and Minister Champai Soren for providing opportunities through the Marn Gomke Jaypal Singh Munda Overseas Scholarship Scheme.

Ajay, thrilled with his accomplishment, acknowledged the support of the Chief Minister and Minister, stating that while he pursued education for the degree, the credit goes to Hemant Soren and Champai Soren for opening global avenues for youth like him. He expressed his commitment to contribute towards building a better image of his community, state, and country.

Chief Minister Soren congratulated Ajay on Twitter, emphasizing that providing education opportunities to youth from economically disadvantaged and marginalized communities not only benefits them personally but also uplifts their homes, villages, and societies. He extended best wishes to Ajay for a bright future and assured him of unwavering support from the state.

Under the Marn Gomke Jaypal Singh Munda Overseas Scholarship Scheme, 50 young individuals from Jharkhand have either completed or are pursuing higher education in various universities in Britain. Many of them are contributing to the workforce abroad or working in prestigious institutions within the country. The state government is providing full scholarships to students from Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, backward classes, and minority communities under this groundbreaking initiative, marking a significant step towards educational inclusivity in Jharkhand.



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