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Jharkhand on a Path of Inclusive Development:  Hemant Soren

Ranch, EW News: Emphasizing a government that represents the tribal and local residents of Jharkhand, Chief Minister Hemant Soren declared that Jharkhand is not governed from Delhi or Ranchi but from the grassroots – villages and localities. He spoke at the “Aapki yojna – Aapki Sarkar – Aapke Dwar” program in Moditola village, Baliyapur block, Dhanbad district.

Soren highlighted the administration’s commitment to reaching every doorstep with welfare schemes, ensuring respect and rights for every individual. He stressed that the current administration is dedicated to empowering every citizen through its initiatives.

The Chief Minister proudly shared statistics: while the previous governments added 1.6 million beneficiaries to the pension scheme in 20 years, his government has added over 3.6 million senior citizens, widows, and differently-abled individuals in just four years. Moreover, over 20 million green ration cards have been issued, providing free grains to the needy.

He announced the launch of the “Abuwa Housing Scheme”, aiming to provide solid houses with three rooms to 800,000 underprivileged families. Additionally, the “Gram Gadi Yojana” will connect villages with cities, offering free transport services for the elderly, activists of the Jharkhand movement, women, differently-abled, and students.

Addressing power issues, Soren mentioned that some districts still rely on purchasing electricity from other states due to disparities with the power distribution company. However, he assured rapid progress in setting up transmission lines and grids to ensure uninterrupted electricity across Jharkhand soon.

Concluding with a vision for the future, the Chief Minister expressed his determination to transform Jharkhand into a leading state in the country. By 2025, he envisions Jharkhand standing tall among progressive states, determining its developmental trajectory independently. The event witnessed the presence of several dignitaries, including Minister Satyanand Bhokta, Minister Banna Gupta, MLA Mathura Prasad Mahato, and others.




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