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“Israeli Military Discovers 1,500 Bodies of Hamas Operatives in its Territory”

Tel Aviv, Agencies:

During the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict, the Israeli military has reported the recovery of approximately 1,500 bodies of Hamas operatives within its territory. This revelation comes as Israel asserts its effective control in the southern region and declares the restoration of full control over the border.

The Israeli military spokesperson, Richard Hecht, confirmed that no Hamas fighters have crossed into Israeli territory since the previous night, although the possibility of further infiltrations remains a concern.

The exact number of recovered bodies and whether it overlaps with previously reported Palestinian casualties remains uncertain. The conflict, which has now entered its fourth day, has witnessed intense clashes and airstrikes, resulting in casualties on both sides.

As Israel continues its military operations against Hamas, the situation remains fluid, with ongoing efforts to secure the region and prevent further hostilities. International observers and humanitarian organizations have called for an immediate ceasefire and a peaceful resolution to the conflict to prevent further loss of life and suffering.

The discovery of these Hamas operatives’ bodies underscores the complexity and seriousness of the situation, highlighting the need for urgent diplomatic efforts to bring an end to the violence in the region.



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