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“India Welcomes Formation of Bharatiya Influencer Association”

Formation of India’s Largest and First Bharatiya Influencer Association Welcomed, I&B Minister Mr. Anurag Thakur, Petroleum & Natural Gas Minister Mr. Hardeep Puri Promise Full Support

New Delhi, EW News: India’s Union Minister for Information and Broadcasting, Mr. Anurag Thakur, has extended a warm welcome to the establishment of the Bharatiya Influencer Association (BIA), marking a significant milestone in the world of social media and digital content creators. During a meeting with BIA officials at his residence in New Delhi, Minister Thakur praised the initiative as a commendable effort that will provide valuable assistance in addressing the issues faced by influencers across the nation.

The formation of the Bharatiya Influencer Association comes at a crucial time, as online harassment, cyberbullying, and trolling have become increasingly prevalent in today’s digital landscape. Minister Thakur emphasized the vital role that organizations like BIA can play in safeguarding the interests and well-being of influencers, who contribute significantly to the digital space. He expressed optimism that the BIA would work effectively, keeping national interests in mind and fostering a safer online environment.

During the meeting, I&B Minister Mr. Thakur assured the BIA officials of the government’s unwavering support for their endeavors. This support is expected to help the association carry out its mission effectively and make a positive impact on the influencer community.

The meeting with the Central Minister included BIA’s patron, Mr. Pradeep Rai, and the founding members, Ms. Rajshri Rai and Mr. Neelkant Bakshi, alongside other associate officials, Mr. Viraj Seth, Mr. Ankit Baiyanpuriya, Mr. Gaurav Chaudhary, Mr. Anunay Sood, Mr. Ajitesh Pandey, and Mr. Suresh Kumar. Notably, renowned former Chief Justice, Mr. M.N. Venkatachaliah, serves as the organization’s Patron-in-Chief, bringing a wealth of experience to the association’s leadership.

In addition to their meeting with I&B Minister Mr. Thakur, the officials of the Bharatiya Influencer Association also met with Central Minister of Petroleum and Natural Gas, Mr. Hardeep Puri, at his residence. During the meeting, Minister Puri welcomed the formation of the Influencer Association and encouraged them to continue their work toward influencer independence. He offered critical suggestions aimed at further enhancing the association’s efforts, highlighting the importance of influencer empowerment and protection.

The founding members shared information about the organization’s objectives and the necessity for its establishment. The Bharatiya Influencer Association operates as a self-regulatory body, advocating for the welfare and rights of influencers while providing essential resources and opportunities for emerging influencers. The association offers programs such as training initiatives and mentorships, designed to assist individuals facing legal challenges related to influencer matters.

One of BIA’s notable achievements includes hosting the nation’s largest influencer summit at the Bigyan Bhawan on August 21, 2023. This summit saw the participation of thousands of influencers from various niches, underlining the association’s growing significance in the influencer community.

The formation of the Bharatiya Influencer Association marks a pivotal moment for influencers in India, as they now have a dedicated organization to champion their interests, provide support, and promote responsible and ethical content creation in the digital realm. With the backing of key government ministers and eminent leaders, the future looks promising for influencers across the nation.



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