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Inclusive Cooperation Expected from Political Parties in Creating Error-Free Voter List: K. Ravi Kumar

Sanjay Pandey Ranchi: As part of the scheduled program, Chief Electoral Officer Mr. K. Ravi Kumar held a meeting with representatives of recognized political parties actively operating in the state. During the meeting, he not only sought feedback from all political parties regarding the ongoing efforts at the departmental level for the revision of the voter list but also expressed his expectation for their continued support in this campaign.

Mr. Kumar appealed to everyone, emphasizing that the Election Commission is diligently working towards creating an error-free voter list. However, he stressed the need for collaboration from the general public and specific assistance from all political parties in this crucial task. He asserted that no eligible voter should be left out, and all political parties should conduct awareness programs at their respective levels to assist the Commission. Representatives from all parties stated their satisfaction with the activities conducted under the voter revision program. Currently, they reported having no complaints and assured the Chief Electoral Officer that they are ready to play a positive role in ensuring that no eligible person is excluded during this democratic celebration. Furthermore, some party representatives provided suggestions, directing authorities to take necessary actions. During the meeting, in addition to political party representatives, officials present included OSD Geeta Choubey, Deputy Secretary Devdass Datta, Deputy Chief Electoral Officer (Headquarters) Sanjay Kumar, Deputy Chief Electoral Officer Sunil Kumar Singh, and System Analyst S. N. Jameel.

The meeting highlighted the collaborative effort required to create a flawless voter list and the commitment of political parties to actively contribute to the democratic process. The Chief Electoral Officer reassured everyone that he is prepared to play a positive role in this endeavor, ensuring the full and fair participation of eligible individuals in the democratic process.



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