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Illegal arms supplier arrested in Ranchi

Ranchi; a youth was supplying illegal weapons under the guise of a job as a security guard. Namkum police arrested it late on Friday night from Sirdaul area. At present, she is being interrogated at Namkum police station itself. Police is trying to find out from him the network of arms supply, but he is refusing to divulge anything.

Police have recovered two drain guns, bullets and a pistol from Bhagwan Kumar, who lives in Kathal More of Ranchi. In the initial interrogation, it has been told that someone has given him an online license by making it. However, who has given and how much amount has been given in return, He is not giving this informations. The police can reveal this matter soon.

The SSP had received secret information that the security guard possesses illegal weapons and there is a possibility of supplying illegal weapons. On the instructions of SSP, Namkum police station in-charge and SSP’s special team raided and took the guard into custody.

(EW correspondent)



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