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High profile meeting to be held in Delhi on September 14

A high-profile meeting on Jharia rehabilitation will be held in Delhi on September 14. On the instructions of the PMO, the committee constituted under the chairmanship of the Coal Secretary will hold a meeting on the revised master plan and other nail forks of rehabilitation. Earlier on Friday, Advisor to the Ministry Piyush Kumar discussed the blueprint of the meeting at the BCCL Headquarters.

The indication is that the central government, before revising the master plan, is seeking a guarantee that the revised plan will lead to rehabilitation. Responsibility should be fixed for rehabilitation and the legal status of JRDA is also an important issue. All these points are also being attributed to the failure of Jharia rehabilitation. 

Piyush Kumar held a meeting with the officials of BCCL, JRDA and CMPDIL. On the occasion, he bluntly said that in the meeting of 14, all those figures should be correct, which will be demanded. That is why GM Master Plan, GM Survey and GM Estate were also called in Friday’s meeting. 

Issues like availability of land, reasons for failure of resettlement, what should be new for resettlement also arose. Complete data of the fire affected area was also asked to be prepared. The teams of CMPDIL Ranchi and Dhanbad were also present in the meeting. CMPDIL will play an important role in the revised master plan.

CMPDIL has been given the responsibility of satellite and drone survey. The number of families claiming to be in the fire affected area after the cut-off date is also to be decided in the meeting of 14. The details related to satellite image and drone survey will have to be made available to CMPDIL in the 14th meeting. The entire responsibility of the Revised Master is on the Review Committee itself.

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