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Has Pasupati Paras been expelled from NDA?

Sanjay Pandey

In the intricate web of Bihar’s political theatre, Pasupati Paras, leader of the Rashtriya Lok Janshakti Party (RLJP), finds himself navigating treacherous waters as he seeks to secure his political foothold amidst shifting alliances and evolving power dynamics. Paras’s recent rejection from the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance (NDA) marks a significant juncture in his political journey, prompting a strategic recalibration as he explores alternative avenues for influence and relevance.

Paras’s aspirations for political prominence are deeply intertwined with his familial legacy, stemming from his association with the late Ram Vilas Paswan, a towering figure in Bihar politics renowned for championing the cause of Dalits. However, Paras’s approach to consolidating power diverges sharply from that of his nephew, Chirag Paswan, who has endeavoured to galvanize Dalit support through a vigorous campaign under the banner of “Yuva Bihari.”

Chirag’s concerted efforts to mobilize Dalit voters have reverberated across Bihar, as evidenced by his extensive public engagements, road shows, and media blitzes aimed at cultivating a formidable electoral base. In contrast, Paras’s political manoeuvres have largely revolved around securing ministerial positions and leveraging his familial lineage to bolster his standing within the political hierarchy.

The rift between Paras and Chirag, underscored by their divergent strategies and competing visions for the RLJP, has deepened against the backdrop of Bihar’s volatile electoral landscape. Paras’s belief in the enduring support of Dalit voters, coupled with his assumption of indispensability to the BJP, proved to be misguided as he found himself sidelined within the NDA alliance.

Faced with rejection from his erstwhile allies, Paras embarks on a quest for political refuge, turning to the RJD and its leader, Lalu Prasad Yadav, in search of a lifeline. Despite initial overtures, Paras’s overtures to the RJD are met with cautious consideration, as Yadav grapples with the intricacies of seat-sharing negotiations with the Congress, a crucial partner in the opposition’s Mahagathbandhan alliance.

The delicate dance of alliance-building underscores the fluidity and complexity of Bihar’s political landscape, where strategic calculations and pragmatic concessions shape the contours of power dynamics. Paras’s attempts to broker a deal with the RJD highlight the inherent uncertainties and shifting allegiances that define electoral politics, particularly in a state as politically charged as Bihar.

As Paras contends with the ramifications of his expulsion from the NDA and seeks to carve out a new political path, the spectre of uncertainty looms large over his prospects. His quest for relevance in Bihar’s political arena hinges on his ability to navigate the intricacies of alliance politics and forge meaningful partnerships that align with his strategic objectives.

In the unfolding drama of Bihar’s political odyssey, Pasupati Paras emerges as a pivotal figure grappling with the complexities of power and ambition. Whether he can chart a course that secures his political survival and advances his aspirations remains an open question, one that will be answered amidst the fervour and frenzy of Bihar’s electoral battleground.



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