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Gumla’s Divyang Kalavati was once illiterate, studied as a laborer, then made 40 people literate

Gumla, Kalavati Kumari (28 years) of Silafari Thakurtoli village of Gumla block under Gumla district of Jharkhand is disabled with both feet. She walks on crutches. But, Kalavati’s spirit and spirits are high. 10 years ago today, Kalavati was illiterate. She used to work because of poverty. But, on the strength of his lofty intentions, he earned money by doing labor and studied with that money. Became inspiring by joining the Saakshar Bharat campaign. First she made her illiterate parents literate. Then taught 40 illiterate people of the village to read and write.

Today many women of the village have been educated because of Kalavati. Women are working by joining the group. Kalavati says that I myself was illiterate. Parents used to go to Sultanpur to work in the brick kiln. I also used to go to work with my parents, but seeing other children going to school, I also wanted to study. But, my disability was becoming a hindrance. Still I did not give up. I started my studies by depositing the wages money. Then associated with the literacy campaign. First taught her illiterate parents.

After this, 40 people of the village were made literate. Sisters were also enrolled in the school. I am happy today. There are 25 families living in my village. All the men and women of this village know how to read and write and children go to school.




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