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Get to know a few early symptoms of HIV

New Delhi: National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day is observed on March 10 every year. This day is celebrated to honour awareness initiatives,conversations, and discussions on HIV.HIV (humanimmunodeficiency virus) is a form of the virus that makes a person vulnerable to infections and diseases. This virus which spreads through an HIV-positive person’s bodily fluids directly strikes the cells which help your body in fighting infections. A person can get infected by the virus if he or she has un-protected intercourse with someone who has HIV. It can also happen through an infected injection. It is very important to spread awareness regarding HIV, because if it is not treated on time, it may lead to develop into AIDS.If you have
been transmitted by HIV virus then it is expected that the symptoms will be visible with in two months.

As per the signs may also be visible in two weeks but some people do ot show any symptoms even if they are HIV positive. The lack of any signs in HIV positive cases can happen for maximum 10 years. It is a fatal health condition however if taken care of properly, it can be controlled. But if the treatment doesn’t happen on time the virus can escalate up to stage 3 which is very dangerous. Therefore,that’s why it is very important to get yourself tested.Take a look at some of the common HIV symptoms below:
Headache, Fever, Fatigue,Sore, throat. Rashes, Muscle and joint pain, Ulcers in mouth, Ulcers on the genitals, Night sweats, Diarrhea and more.



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