New Delhi: Canteens have recently restarted function ing in the phased reopen ing of JNU campus, and students are flocking their favourite food joints after almost a year.Known for its big beautiful campus, Jawaharlal Nehru Univer sity’s vibrant ideological de bates are often carried out at the many hip canteens and students who identify them selves as the foodies of JNU, can’t keep calm since these eating joints have re cently reopened! “The can teens are the spring of JNU, without them JNU doesn’t have a season and looks desolated. A few can and two (SIS-I, SIS-II), the library canteen, Godavari and Aravali. Babu Bhaiya in SIS-I is my favourite per son! His laddoos keep my anger in check, and pre vents me from getting hangry,” jokes Peerzada Haroon, an MPhil student of JNU, who recently vis went to Aravali, a lot stu dents were there. I went to library canteen and a lot students were there, too. Godavari again seemed full of chitter chatter. SIS-I and SIS-II are struggling to at tract people perhaps be cause laddoos are yet to be made!”very foodie has said that the other can teens will reopen in a phased manner, and will restart functioning soon, but no word on the Mughal Darbaar. I don’t know why they specifically left that one… The food inside cam pus is relatively cheaper as compared to the food out side the campus.