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Gas cylinder explodes in a room of Bokaro railway station

Bokaro: A horrific explosion took place in the running room for the loco running staff of Bokaro Railway at around 10 am. Haradhan and women worker Sarita working in the kitchen of the running room were seriously injured in the blast. While the information about the other injured could not found. It is being told that many employees working there were hurt but they all fled from the spot. The explosion is reported to have been caused by a burst of LPG cylinder. The cylinders got blown up in the incident. At the same time, the wall of the kitchen was completely damaged from two sides and there is a report of crack in the ceiling. It is being told that there is a living arrangement for 68 guards and driver in the running room. About forty people were present in the running room at the time of the incident. There was chaos after the incident. After this the information was given to the fire department. Fire department team reached the spot and took stock of the situation. Railway officials have reached the spot to investigate the matter.Running room is on the way from Bokaro to railway station. The sound of the explosion was so strong that those who ran from where they were or stopped. People at first thought that a big bomb had exploded somewhere nearby. However, after investigation, the railway officials clarified that it was not an explosion of a bomb but an explosion in an LPG cylinder. Fire department officer Surendra Yadav said that when the information about the incident reached, the entire kitchen was destroyed. Prima facie, there seems to be a case of explosion in the cylinder. This investigation will reveal whether the explosion was only due to the fire in the cylinder or any kind of explosive material. Told that domestic gas was being used by the contractor. There is a cylinder for fire safety here but no one is trained to work.

After the incident, the kitchen waste is being removed. It is being monitored by the Regional Railway Manager Arvind S himself. The Railway Administration is neither allowing the media persons to go inside nor is allowing them to talk to the eyewitnesses of the incident in order to suppress the truth of the matter.

The accident happened due to a cylinder burst in the kitchen of the running room. Two employees have been injured in this incident, one’s name is Haradhan and the other’s name is Sarita. The matter is being investigated further.

(EW correspondent)



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