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Call center of fraud, 13 youths got arrested from an apartment in Dhanbad

Dhanbad. At the behest of Vikram, Kundan had given 20 percent of his earnings of one lakh 89 thousand rupees to them. All they had to do was call the people of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana and get the details. For this work, Vikram had called them to Dhanbad. Vikram’s relative Avinash was also with them. 13 cyber criminals arrested from Berakband have given this information to the police of Dhanbad police station. After this the police sent everyone to jail. Police searched 22 mobile phones and two laptops recovered from them. In this, the matter of cheating the people of both the states has become clear.

Police engaged in verification of addresses of arrested youths

The arrested were Khetravath Raj Nayak, Katrawath Santosh, Khetavath Raju, Muravath Ganesh, Degavath Sri Nivasulu, E Ganesh, Jarpul Venkatesh, K Ishwar, Mudavath Venkatesh, Katravath Rawat Harilal, Katrawath Ganesh and Ratalavath Krishna Nayak. So far the police have not been able to arrest the kingpins of this call center Vikram, Avinash and Kundan. Kundan and Vikram are said to be residents of Jharia. Police are busy verifying his address.

The arrested youths have told the police that they were told that there is some work in Dhanbad. You will get good Rs. Those people were unemployed, so for the first time eight people came to Dhanbad together. They were lodged in flat number 301 of Apna Basera Apartment in Bekarbandh. For four days, Vikram trained them on work. All they had to do was call on the number provided by Vikram and asked for loans and insurance. Whoever used to fall in their trap. His details were sent to Vikram’s mobile. Aadhar card of those who are caught in the loan affair,Used to take PAN card and other documents and send the message of the loan being passed. Then they used to deposit one month’s installment before crediting the loan amount in their account. This task was assigned to them. After working for about ten days, Vikram told them that some more boys were needed. On this, he called some more boys from Telangana and engaged everyone in this work. To make calls, all the youths were provided with SIM cards and phones by Vikram.

The criminals have admitted that so far hundreds of people from Telangana and Andhra Pradesh have been duped of more than one crore by them. Five per cent of the people whom he used to call, used to fall prey to deposit the first installment for the loan. They used to transfer that amount to Vikram. To keep an account of 20 percent of the income earned, they used to write the complete details of all the phone numbers in the note book. The police have also found a note book from those youths.

The data of mobile and laptop recovered from the cyber criminals arrested from Berakbandh is being scrutinized by the cyber police. The police suspect that these criminals have not only looted the people of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, but have also carried out the incident of cheating in Jharkhand and Bihar. When the police raided the flat, even at that time everyone was running mobiles sitting on the floor. When they saw the police, they all started hiding their mobiles. Many hid the mobile inside the door.



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