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Forest fire near Russia’s Chelyabinsk leaves 18 people needing medical aid – Authorities

Yekaterinburg, Russia, Forest fires in Russia’s Chelyabinsk region caused eighteen people to request medical assistance with stress, blood pressure, and other conditions, the regional government said.

The fire has barreled through an area of about 34,500 acres and is currently still active across 49 acres. On Friday, the blaze hit two settlements, setting dozens of houses on fire.

“During the emergency, 18 people asked for medical aid. The causes for requests: worsened general condition, [high blood] pressure, stress, ocular inflammation,” the government said in a statement.

Medical specialists are said to be still on standby at temporary shelters, while the Kartaly town hospital and ambulance are ready to admit patients. Regional medical facilities will be involved, if necessary, the authorities say.





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