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First Jharkhand Heart Symposium Organized in Ranchi

Sanjay Pandey Ranchi: The Department of Health, Medical Education, and Family Welfare, Jharkhand, in collaboration with the Cardiological Society of India, Association of Physicians of India, and the Indian Medical Association, is hosting the inaugural Jharkhand Heart Symposium – a cardiology conference.

The two-day symposium, running from December 22 to 23, has drawn around 400 cardiac specialists from across the country and abroad.

Speaking at the event, Development Commissioner and Additional Chief Secretary, Mr. Arun Kumar Singh, praised the initiative, stating it will foster exchange of ideas and introduce new dimensions in the medical field. The Health Secretary highlighted the limited opportunities post-medical education for doctors to meet, share experiences, and discuss challenges. This platform offers experienced cardiologists an avenue to share, discuss, and integrate innovative practices for the benefit of the community.

On the first day, topics such as Evaluation in Cardiovascular Diseases, Heart Failure, Rhythm Disorder, and Congenital Heart Disease were discussed through presentations. Dr. Kunal Sarkar elaborated on the journey of heart transplantation, emphasizing the need for such facilities in cities like Ranchi to ensure timely treatment for the residents.

Additionally, techniques to revive stopped heartbeats in police personnel were demonstrated. An expert from Kolkata educated the officers on the correct CPR technique, emphasizing a pressure equivalent to 1-2 inches on a specific chest area 100 times per minute. Proper mouth-to-mouth resuscitation methods were also taught after every 30 compressions.



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