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Fierce clashes reported between Taliban, Islamic State-K in Charikar

Kabul, Fierce clashes were reported between the Taliban militia and the Islamic State-Khorasan extremists in Charikar, capital of northern Parwan province, with around 20 Taliban fighters killed and a suspected ISIS hideout destroyed. The clashes were reported on Friday.

Taliban soldiers targeted a home in Qalay Khawaja in Charikar city, and clashed with IS-KP militants. Around 8 to 9 Taliban soldiers as well as Islamic State fighters were killed.

At least three civilians, including a woman, were killed inside the house.

In the second attack, Islamic State militants used a sticky bomb and targeted a vehicle transporting Taliban soldiers, killing at least three Taliban soldiers.

In a third attack, a sticky bomb explosion followed by gunfire targeted Taliban soldiers and their vehicles.

All three incidents took place inside Charikar city, the capital of Parwan province, residents and eye witnesses said.

The raid on the house followed an arrest by the Taliban of two IS members linked to a roadside bombing that targeted their vehicle in the city, wounding four fighters, Taliban spokesperson Bilal Karimi said.

(EW correspondent)



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