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ESIC HQ Celebrates Successful Rajbhasha Pakhwara

New Delhi, EW News:  The Employees’ State Insurance Corporation (ESIC) marked the successful conclusion of the ‘Rajbhasha Pakhwara’ (Official Language Fortnight) with a closing ceremony held at its Headquarters Office in New Delhi on October 6, 2023. Dr. Rajendra Kumar, Director General of ESIC, presided over the event, which saw the participation of a large number of senior officers and employees, including Sh. Manoj Kumar Singh, Chief Vigilance Officer of ESIC.

In his address at the ceremony, Dr. Rajendra Kumar highlighted the importance of the Hindi language, which is the third most spoken language in the world. He emphasized that Hindi serves as a unifying force in a country as diverse as India. Dr. Kumar encouraged officials to prioritize working in Hindi and motivate others to do the same. He emphasized that using Hindi is not just a constitutional obligation but also a moral responsibility. He also discussed the adoption of modern e-tools to facilitate the use of Hindi in official work. As part of the ceremony, ESIC Headquarters released its Hindi magazine, “Panchdeep Bharti.”

Ratnesh Kumar Gautam, Insurance Commissioner (Official Language), provided an overview of the various events and activities organized during the ‘Rajbhasha Pakhwara.’ He urged all employees to maximize the use of Hindi in their day-to-day official tasks, fostering the growth and promotion of the language.

The ceremony also recognized and celebrated the winners of several Hindi competitions conducted during Rajbhasha Pakhwara 2023. These included competitions in Hindi noting and drafting, official language knowledge, Hindi essay writing, and Hindi debates. The winners were felicitated with prize money and certificates as a token of recognition for their contributions to promoting the Hindi language within ESIC.

The closing ceremony of Rajbhasha Pakhwara at ESIC’s Headquarters Office underlined the organization’s commitment to promoting and encouraging the use of Hindi, not only as an official language but also as a means of cultural and linguistic unity in India.



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