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Emergency a ‘dark chapter’ in history of Indian democracy: Rajnath Singh

New Delhi, Terming the Emergency imposed in the country in 1975 a ‘dark’ chapter in the history of Indian democracy, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh said that period is still fresh in people’s memories.

In a tweet in Hindi, the Defence Minister said, ‘Emergency is known as a ‘dark chapter’ in the history of Indian democracy. The manner in which the Constitution was misused to attack the democratic traditions of the country can never be forgotten. Even today that era is fresh in the memories of all of us.’

‘During this, movements were also held in the country to protect democracy and people endured end number of tortures. We still remember and get inspiration from their sacrifice, courage and struggle.

I salute all those who have played a role in the safeguarding of democracy,’ he said in another tweet.

On June 25, 1975, a situation of emergency was declared by the then president Fakhruddin Ali.

Ahmed on the recommendation of the Indira Gandhi-led Congress government at the Centre which remained in effect from June 25, 1975, to March 21, 1977.




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