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Declare hamas war criminals

Acharya Vishnu Hari

Suppression of Hamas is necessary. Hamas should be declared war criminals. A violent terrorist organization like Hamas should not be allowed to become a tragedy for the world. The world’s regulatory codes should be activated to teach the lessons of peace to Hamas. The mentality of hiding among the Muslim population by committing violence should also be attacked. How can the Muslim population that protects terrorists and gives shelter to terrorists in their homes avoid becoming victims of reprisals? The terrorist policy of seeing Palestine only as a country of Muslim population will have to be abandoned. Denying the existence of Israel is not a solution to the Palestine problem.

Who is responsible for Hamas’s attacks on Israel, its violence and inhuman acts, as well as its terrorist-religious activities? Certainly, Hamas is guilty of viewing Palestine as religious and spreading terror through violence and terrorism to achieve religious goals. But along with Hamas, many other parties are also guilty. America is also guilty, Europe is also guilty, Muslim countries are also guilty, Islamic terrorists around the world who have mushroomed in the name of Islam are also guilty, media organizations like Al Jazeera are also guilty which are not only Hamas but terrorists all over the world. He is a benefactor of organizations, a protector and creates public opinion in favor of Muslim terrorists.

Now you will say here how America and Europe are guilty? America and Europe are guilty because they suppress Israel’s right of retaliation and self-defense, weaken Israel’s identity, teach Israel the lesson of restraint, call the act of retaliation anti-humanity even after barbaric and inhuman violence. Let’s agree. The United Nations censures Israel through its various codes.

Due to international compulsion and pressure, Israel fails to teach the lesson of restraint and peace to Muslim terrorists and organizations like Hamas. As far as Muslim countries are concerned, Muslim countries not only provide weapons to terrorist organizations like Hamas but also finance them. Not only Israel suffers the consequences of the benefits and facilities given to terrorist organizations like Hamas in the name of human rights, but democratic countries like India also suffer the consequences. India is also facing the challenge of violence of Muslim terrorist organizations and their religious thinking.

The current violence of Hamas is disgusting, poisonous, dangerous and promotes Muslim sectarianism. The traditions and codes of war have no meaning for terrorist organizations. War has a rich tradition and theory. There are self-accepted codes of war as well as international codes. The codes of war forbid targeting civilians and teach us to refrain from attacking crowds and public places. During war, attacks take place only at strategic places. Those who break the code of war are called war criminals and the punishment for war crimes is also decided at the international level. Hamas has violated the war codes in this war. He carried out very few attacks on Israel’s strategic locations. He has carried out attacks against civilian targets and among densely populated areas. Not only have they attacked but many of their activities are barbaric and inhuman. Looking at the attack by Hamas, it seems that it is not fighting the Israeli government and the Israeli army, it is not targeting the Israeli army but it is targeting the people of Israel. Civilians were picked up from the streets, killed, and many were even taken hostage. Not only this, but Hamas has also taken women hostage, video footage has surfaced openly insulting the honor of women. In one day, Hamas has fired more than five thousand rockets at Israel and hundreds of its terrorists have entered the Israeli border and carried out violence. Hundreds more Israeli citizens have lost their lives in the Hamas attack.

Does Israel have the right to retaliate against this horrific attack by Hamas or not? Does Israel have the right to retaliate or not? How long will Israel’s right to retaliate be put on hold? Israel certainly has the right to retaliate. Israel has the right to teach the lesson of peace to Hamas, which is waging war and carrying out gruesome attacks. Not only Hamas, but it is the only Muslim terrorist organization in the world. The policy and strategy is to commit violence and then teach the lesson of human rights. By committing terrorist violence, Muslim terrorists seek protection and hide among the Muslim population that protects them.

Then when reprisals take place, people of religious Muslim terrorist organizations start raising hue and cry about human rights violations. Propaganda is spread that the grave of human rights is being dug. Innocent people are being targeted in retaliation, innocent people’s lives are being taken. Hamas does not fight one-on-one battles. Not only Hamas but any other Muslim terrorist organization in the world does not fight face to face, instead they take shelter in populated areas after carrying out incidents of violence and terrorism. The protectors and lobbyists of Muslim terrorists around the world are a variety of people, wearing different masks. Some NGOs, some artists, some politicians, some human rights defenders etc. have their faces.

Muslim terrorism like Hamas is nurtured by tying Israel’s hands. By the way, countries impose sanctions and restrictions, which themselves are stinking examples of retaliation. Who have shed a lot of human rights blood in the name of retribution. Take America for example. America’s Children’s Ted Center was attacked. Thousands of people were killed. America turned Afghanistan into a grave in retaliation. Lakhs of people were killed in the name of destruction of Taliban and Akalida. To suppress Muslim terrorism, China runs a military campaign to destroy the Muslim population. China is massacring Uyghur Muslims. Pakistan conducts military operations against Baloch demanding independence. But when Israel resorts to retaliatory violence, countries like America, China and Europe become adepts and start teaching Israel the lesson of peace. Israel has so much strategic power that it can defeat not only the Palestinian terrorist organizations but the entire Muslim world on its own. He has also demonstrated defeating the entire Muslim world.

Muslim unionism regarding Palestine is violent, terroristic and anti-humanity. The Muslim countries and Muslim population supporting Palestine do not accept the existence of Israel. Palestine is not a country of only Muslim population. Palestine has a Muslim population as well as Christians and Jews. But not only Hamas but all Muslim terrorist organizations do not accept that Christian and Jewish population should also exist in Palestine. Muslim countries have already experienced a great war. Muslim countries were defeated by Israel. At present, the rulers of many Muslim countries also declare to wipe out Israel from the world map. The former regime of Malaysia had made a similar announcement on which Muslim countries were very happy.

Palestine has no economy of its own. Palestine’s hearth burns with the help of America and Europe. If America and Europe do not provide economic assistance, the population of Palestine will die of hunger. Muslim countries finance terrorist organizations like Hamas. Hamas buys weapons only with the help it receives from Muslim countries. Hamas gets a lot of support from Iran and Türkiye. A Turkish ship was attacked and sunk by Israel. That Turkish ship was carrying weapons for Hamas. Then rumors were spread that the ship was carrying only relief material which was being sent for the poor citizens. There was a huge reaction against the burial of the Turkish ship at sea and Europe and America also laid siege to Israel. But Israel was firm on its power and right to self-defense.

Everyone would like a solution to the Palestine problem. But we have to stop seeing Palestine only as a country of Muslim population, we have to give up the violent mentality of denying the existence of Israel. All Muslim terrorist organizations including Hamas should be declared war criminals, their supporting countries should also be declared terrorist states.



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