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Daltonganj Railway Station Celebrates 95 Years with Grand Station Festival

Sanjay Kumar Pandey

Palamu,  The former East Central Railway Dhanbad Division organized a station festival to showcase the history and heritage of Daltonganj Railway Station, which has completed 95 years. The event was graced by the presence of the Chief Guest, District MP Vijay Ojha, and the Special Guest, Legislative Representative Twinkle Gupta. The program commenced with the cutting of a celebratory cake by the distinguished guests.

Historical Significance:

Addressing the gathering, Vijay Ojha highlighted the historical significance of Daltonganj Railway Station, stating that it has reached a milestone of 95 years. He emphasized that the station, under the relentless efforts of the MP, is undergoing continuous development and is poised to become a major station in the Dhanbad Division in the near future.

Collaborative Efforts for Development:

Legislative Representative Twinkle Gupta echoed the sentiment, expressing the need for everyone’s cooperation in the development of the station. She urged the residents of the city to keep the station clean and contribute to its continuous improvement. Daltonganj Railway Station has been witnessing ongoing development efforts, and both the Chief Guest and Special Guest acknowledged the collective support necessary for its overall growth.

Railway officials, including T.I. Anit Kumar Tiwari and C.T.I. Vikas Kumar, also addressed the gathering during the program. They emphasized the importance of collective efforts for the appropriate development of the station. They acknowledged the continuous support from the local MP and Legislative Representative, highlighting the collaborative spirit that ensures the station’s sustained progress.

The celebration of Daltonganj Railway Station’s 95th anniversary was marked by a sense of pride and optimism for its future development. The event brought together key stakeholders, including political representatives and railway officials, underlining the collaborative approach required for the station’s sustained growth. As Daltonganj Railway Station continues its journey into the future, the community’s support remains pivotal for its ongoing success and significance in the region.



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