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BJP Leaders Emphasize Unwavering Commitment Ahead of Lok Sabha Elections

SANJAY PANDEY Ranchi: A detailed introductory meeting of newly appointed state officials, district presidents, and district coordinators was held at the BJP state office. The event was attended by prominent figures, including former Chief Minister Babulal Marandi, National Vice President and State In-Charge Dr. Laxmikant Vajpayee, Regional Organization Secretary Nagendra Tripathi, State Organization Secretary Karmveer Singh, and Opposition Leader Amar Kumar Bauri.

Addressing the gathering, Dr. Laxmikant Vajpayee, the National Vice President and State In-Charge, expressed the significant responsibility on the newly formed committee. He congratulated the members and highlighted the relentless dedication of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who has not taken a single day off in his ten-year tenure. He stressed the need to continue the hard work without any relaxation until the completion of the Lok Sabha election counting, aiming for a third term for PM Modi.

Dr. Vajpayee affirmed that the people of the country are determined to support the BJP, and the party needs to reach out to them. Former Chief Minister Babulal Marandi echoed this sentiment, stating that the new committee brings new possibilities. He urged the committee to gift 14 Lok Sabha seats to Modi, ensuring the formation of the Modi government for the third time.

The opposition leader, Amar Kumar Bauri, noted that Jharkhand has taken a new political direction with the formation of the new committee. He expressed confidence that the committee would align with the sentiments of the people of Jharkhand. State Organization Secretary Karmveer Singh emphasized the need to get to work immediately, urging the committee to fulfill all designated programs and campaigns within the stipulated time frame.

The meeting, attended by newly appointed district presidents and coordinators, also had the presence of State Vice President Rakesh Prasad, Bhanu Pratap Shahi, Vikas Pritam, Jawahar Paswan, Louis Marandi, Bad Kuvar Gagrai, Ashok Bhagat, Kalicharan Singh, Aarti Kujur, State Secretary Dr. Pradeep Verma, Manoj Singh, State Minister Ganesh Mishra, Muneshwar Sahu, Saroj Singh, Nand Ji Prasad, Durga Marandi, Sunita Singh, Munna Mishra, Dilip Verma, Manoj Bajpayee, Seema Paswan, Deepak Bunka, Manish Jaiswal, Shivpujan Pathak, and Yogendra Pratap Singh, along with newly appointed district presidents and coordinators from various districts



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