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Crackdown on Unauthorized Cash, Liquor, and Narcotics: K. Ravi Kumar

Sanjay Kumar Pandey

Ranchi EW News: In light of the 2024 Lok Sabha elections, Chief Election Officer Mr. K. Ravi Kumar held a meeting with relevant enforcement agencies regarding the prevention and seizure of unauthorized cash, illicit liquor, narcotics, and other items. The meeting was held at the conference hall of the election building to ensure a clean, fair, and fear-free election process.

He directed to crack down on the illegal circulation of cash, unauthorized liquor, drugs, and other items, emphasizing the need for stringent action while keeping a close watch on such activities. He stressed the importance of coordination among various enforcement agencies to curb the temptation of voters through the use of contraband items and illicit substances during the election process.

Instructions were given to closely monitor political party boards, banners, flags, and vocal campaigns by unauthorized means on vehicles, and to take strict action against such violations as per the guidelines of the Election Commission of India. Moreover, he highlighted that transporting items without an e-way bill, especially if they are intended to influence voters, should be closely scrutinized, and immediate action should be taken against those involved, in accordance with the Election Commission’s guidelines.

He emphasized the necessity of real-time reporting of seizures obtained by enforcement agencies. For this purpose, the Election Commission has developed an Election Seizure Management System, which should be effectively utilized. He directed enforcement agencies to coordinate closely for real-time reporting and record-keeping.

He also instructed strict monitoring of the distribution of freebies and gifts during the election campaign.

The meeting was attended by Deputy Election Officer Sandeep Singh, Dr. Neha Arora, Deputy Inspector General of Police, Communication and Technical Services, and State Nodal Officer (EVM) Jharkhand Ashwini Kumar Sinha, along with Additional Commissioner of Income Tax, Santosh Kumar Vats, Joint Transport Commissioner Praveen Kumar Prakash, Assistant Manager (Operation) Rakesh Kumar Yadav of Birsa Munda Airport, RPF, Railway, and other relevant agency officials.



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