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Action will be taken against antisocial elements identified during the festival: DC

There is no scope for mischief during the festival: SP

Sanjay Kumar Pandey

Palamu EW News: Under the chairmanship of Deputy Commissioner-cum-District Magistrate Shashi Ranjan, a district-level peace committee meeting was held regarding Eid, Ram Navami, and Sarhul festival. In the meeting held at the Town Hall, it was decided to celebrate the festivals of Eid, Sarhul, and Ram Navami with traditional enthusiasm, mutual love, and brotherhood. Deputy Commissioner Shri Ranjan emphasized the identification of antisocial elements attempting to disrupt law and order during Ram Navami and taking action against them. He said that everyone’s cooperation is expected to conduct the festivals in a peaceful and harmonious atmosphere. He advocated complete cessation of DJ music during the festival and also emphasized concluding all Ram Navami processions by 10 p.m. He said that this festival is celebrated with faith and sanctity, and this tradition will continue. The Deputy Commissioner appealed to the members of the peace committee to keep an eye on antisocial elements at their level as well. In the meeting, regarding the problems raised by the Ram Navami Mahasabha members related to electricity and drinking water, the Deputy Commissioner instructed the officials of the Municipal Corporation, Electricity Department, Water Supply, and Sanitation Department to coordinate better and resolve all kinds of problems occurring during the procession route. Before this, he reviewed the preparations made by the sub-divisional and block level authorities. The Deputy Commissioner instructed all SDMs to thoroughly scan the designated routes for processions through drones. He said that DJs will be completely banned, and traditional sound boxes will be allowed during this period. He said that if any political party flags are used in any religious event, action will be taken against them according to the provisions of the Model Code of Conduct. He instructed to ensure barricading at important locations.

In the meeting, SP Reesma Rameshan said that the Palamu police is always vigilant about organizing the festival grandly and peacefully. SP Mrs. Rameshan said that there is no scope for mischief during this festival.

She said that the keen eyes of Palamu police are on every activity of social media. She said that even during the elections, there should be no violation of the Model Code of Conduct during the festival this year, and all members of the Akhada Committee will keep this in mind. In the meeting, members of various Akhada Committees from across the district also informed the district administration officials about their demands.

Apart from the above, assistant superintendent, assistant police superintendent, all SDMs, all BDOs, CEOs, Ram Navami Mahasabha general, peace committee member teams including the Muharram Intezamia Committee, social workers, and a large number of members and volunteers from various Akhadas were present.”



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