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Contractor will have to deposit security amount within 10 days: Deputy Commissioner

Palamu EW News : Following the directives of Deputy Commissioner Shashi Ranjan, an illegal mining seizure of 30,000 cubic feet of sand was auctioned under the chairmanship of Deputy Development Commissioner Ravi Anand on Wednesday. The sand was auctioned for a sum of 5.3 lakh rupees. During the auction, separate bids were made for 15,000 cubic feet each. Several bidders participated in the auction, including Ambika Dubey, who placed a bid of 2.3 lakh rupees, and Swarnim Construction, which placed the highest bid of 3 lakh rupees, securing 15,000 cubic feet of sand. District Mining Officer Anand Kumar informed that the entire auction process was conducted under due procedure. The bidders are required to deposit the auctioned amount within ten days.

Deputy Commissioner Shashi Ranjan also organized a public hearing at his office chamber in the Collectorate. Residents from various blocks of the district approached him, highlighting their issues and seeking solutions. Addressing the concerns raised during the public hearing, the Deputy Commissioner directed the concerned officials to expedite the resolution within the stipulated timeframe.

During the public hearing, Parmeshwari Saw from the Thana region of Mahipur demanded compensation from the government for the death of her two daughters, who tragically drowned during a midday meal incident. Similarly, Ravindra Kumar Giri from the Neelambar-Pitambarpur area sought compensation due to the death of his cow from lightning. Additionally, residents Kausalya Devi from Mohammadi Thana and Rampravesh Soni from Chainpur Thana urged the Deputy Commissioner to provide them with elderly pensions.

The public hearing predominantly revolved around land-related issues, Prime Minister’s housing scheme, land acquisition and cancellation, land grabbing, and elderly pensions. Numerous applications were received during the hearing, which the Deputy Commissioner directed the respective department officials to process and resolve within the given timeframe.



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