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Civil Defence Day Celebrations Highlight Commitment and Contributions of Railway Staff in Delhi Division

New Delhi, EW News:  In a commemoration of Civil Defence Day, the Delhi Division of the Railway Ministry hosted a vibrant celebration at the DRM Office in New Delhi. Sukhvinder Singh, Divisional Railway Manager (DRM), Delhi, along with officers and staff, marked the occasion with a display of gratitude towards volunteers and highlighted the crucial role they play during emergencies and natural calamities.

Raising Awareness and Honoring Contributions:

Civil Defence Day serves as an annual reminder of the importance of citizen participation in civil defence work. The event not only emphasizes the need for citizens to volunteer but also pays tribute to those who have made significant contributions to saving lives during various emergencies and natural disasters.

During the celebration, Singh acknowledged the remarkable dedication of the volunteers enrolled in the Civil Defence Organization, primarily comprising railway employees. These volunteers, numbering around 459 from the Delhi Division, undergo regular training to provide voluntary services during emergencies and peak rush festivals.

Demonstrations and Training:

Throughout the year, these dedicated railway staff members organize demonstrations and training sessions in essential skills such as fire-fighting, rescue operations, and First Aid. Their commitment is especially evident during crowded events like Chhat Puja, Diwali, Dusshera, and others, where they play a pivotal role in crowd management at various railway stations within the Delhi Division.

Showcasing Skills and Preparedness:

As part of the celebration, Civil Defence volunteers showcased their skills to railway officers and staff. Demonstrations included activities such as Fire Fox, Chair Knot, Self Rescue, and Fireman Lift, showcasing the diverse set of abilities these volunteers possess to handle emergency situations effectively.

Commendable Crowd Management:

Sukhvinder Singh commended the Civil Defence volunteers for their commendable job in crowd management at major railway stations, including New Delhi, Delhi, Hazrat Nizamuddin, and Anand Vihar Terminal, during events like Chhat Puja. He encouraged the volunteers to persist in their dedication and assured continued support for their invaluable contributions.

Looking Ahead:

In his address, Singh expressed confidence in the volunteers’ ability to uphold their commitment to public service. He urged them to continue their exemplary work in the future, assuring that their efforts contribute significantly to the safety and well-being of the railway system and its passengers.

The celebration not only marked the achievements of the past year but also served as a catalyst for continued excellence in civil defence efforts by the dedicated railway staff in the Delhi Division. Civil Defence Day was not just a commemoration but a reaffirmation of the importance of citizen engagement in ensuring the safety and resilience of communities during challenging times.



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