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CIE at IIITH Conducts Survey on AI Startups in Hyderabad

HYDERABAD, India Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIE at IIITH) along with T-incubators Accelerator group conducted a survey to build a database of AI startups in Hyderabad.

The data will enable an ecosystem where prospective investors, government agencies, startups and incubators can have access to information on AI startups in the city.

The findings of the report are helpful in understanding the domains in which AI is being used.

Various academic institutions like the IIITs, IITs are working closely with these startups to bridge the gap between emerging problems and their research using AI.

The report profiles AI startups in Hyderabad based upon a survey of various incubators, accelerators, and startup programs in the city. Startups that are either based out of or are a part of a medium- term program in the city have been considered and have been analysed to present a view of the AI innovation ecosystem in the city. While most of the startups in this section have received pre-seed funding, building an ecosystem around AI startups will help startups gain better traction for sustainable growth.

The findings of the survey show that:

Medtech domain holds tremendous potential given that Hyderabad is home to several life sciences research institutions like CCMB, IKP, UOH, etc.Text analytics have seen a boom in recent years as the documentation online needs to have proper validation.Graduates from top universities have played a pivotal role in encouraging their peers to pursue entrepreneurship.Commenting on the survey, Prof Ramesh Loganathan, Chief Operating Officer, CIE at IIITH, said, “The visibility and understanding of the early stage startups is always very elusive. I am happy to see this profile of AI startups in the city. We should do more”.

While this report was initiated in April 2021, the application to fill further startups names is open. The aim of this report is to strengthen and build the ecosystem around startups in Hyderabad which are not only AI-based, but also from other technologies.




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