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Chief Secretary Inspects Progress of Noida International Airport Construction

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Chief Secretary of Uttar Pradesh, Mr. A.S.P. Goyal, along with other high-ranking officials, conducted an extensive inspection of the ongoing construction work at Noida International Airport, Jewar. The inspection encompassed a detailed evaluation of the Atisci Tower, the progress of runway construction, and the terminal building construction, amongst other vital components of this ambitious project.

Accompanying Mr. Goyal during this inspection were Dr. Arun Veer Singh, CEO of Yamuna Expressway Authority; Mr. Christophe Shelman, CEO of YIAPL; Mr. Nicholas, Kiran Jain, CEO; Mr. Manish Verma, District Magistrate, Gautam Buddha Nagar; Mrs. Shruti, Additional CEO; Mr. Kapil Singh, Additional CEO; Mr. Vipin Jain, Additional CEO; and Mr. Shailendra Bhatia, Special Executive, among other esteemed officers.

The first point of focus during the inspection was the Atisci Tower. The Atisci Tower is an eight-story structure with six of its towers already completed, and work on the final two towers is currently in progress. Notably, the height of Atisci Tower stands at an impressive 30 meters, with the entire construction slated for completion by February 2024. The officials inspected the construction work up to the eighth floor of the Atisci Tower and closely monitored the progress made through a series of site visits.

In terms of the runway construction, approximately 70% of the work has been successfully completed, and the goal is to finalize this project by March 2024. Mr. Goyal also oversaw the construction work on the airport terminal building, which is progressing swiftly to meet the set deadlines.

During the inspection, Mr. Nicholas Shelman, CEO of YIAPL, revealed that nearly 7200 workers are actively engaged in the construction work at Jewar Airport, working diligently day and night. This workforce is contributing significantly to the project’s rapid progress.

Furthermore, the inspection also included an evaluation of the construction work on the interchange that will connect the airport to the NHAI in Dayanatpur, a crucial component for ensuring seamless connectivity to the airport.

Mr. Goyal emphasized the importance of expediting the construction work and ensuring that all project-related activities are completed within the stipulated time frame, as per the concession agreement.

One noteworthy achievement highlighted during the inspection is that the project has successfully completed 15 million safe work hours without any major accidents, a testament to the project’s safety measures and the diligence of the workers. Safety majors and a conducive work environment provided by Tata Vigilance and Construction Agency are contributing to this remarkable safety record.

The Noida International Airport, one of the most eagerly awaited projects in Uttar Pradesh, is well on its way to becoming a reality, and with this intensive inspection, the state government is actively ensuring that the airport is constructed efficiently and within the set timelines. The project is expected to bolster the region’s connectivity and stimulate economic growth in the state.



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