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Chief Minister Champei Soren Inaugurates Palamu Pipeline Irrigation Scheme

Sanjay Kumar Pandey

Palamu EW News: Chief Minister Shri Champei Soren has inaugurated the Palamu Pipeline Irrigation Scheme under the Palamu district. He stated that this scheme is of great importance and will benefit farmers of all sizes in the entire Palamu region. Palamu often suffers from drought, leading to adverse conditions for agriculture. Recognizing the need to keep Palamu green, an historic irrigation scheme, the “Palamu Pipeline Irrigation Scheme,” has been inaugurated today. Chief Minister  Champei Soren addressed the inaugural program of the “Palamu Pipeline Irrigation Scheme” held at Shivaji Maidan, Medininagar in Palamu district. He emphasized the government’s commitment to providing water to farmers’ fields year-round, thus ensuring agricultural prosperity. The Chief Minister also highlighted the government’s focus on economic, educational, and social development, aligning with the vision of former Chief Minister Shri Hemant Soren.

Furthermore, Chief Minister Champei Soren announced the inclusion of over 20 lakh impoverished families in the Abu Housing Scheme by 2027, aiming to provide housing for all selected families. The first phase of the scheme has already commenced, with selected families receiving financial assistance through direct bank transfers. He assured that the government is dedicated to strengthening infrastructure, including roads, electricity, water supply, and healthcare facilities. Additionally, pension benefits will now be extended to individuals aged 50 and above.

At the event, Minister Satyanand Bhokta highlighted the persistent drought situation in Palamu, emphasizing the importance of the Palamu Pipeline Irrigation Scheme in providing irrigation facilities to the locals. Prashant Kumar, Secretary of the Water Resources Department, explained the details of the scheme, emphasizing its aim to provide irrigation facilities to over 13,000 hectares of land in Palamu district and benefit more than 25,000 families. Various officials and dignitaries attended the event, including Vinay Kumar Choubey, Secretary to the Chief Minister, and Rajkumar Lakda, IG of Palamu region, among others.

Palamu Pipeline Irrigation Project Aims to Complete Work in 2 Years

The Palamu Pipeline Irrigation Project, with a budget of ₹456.6261 crore, aims to complete its work within two years. Following its completion, the project will be managed and maintained by authorities for the next decade. This initiative will benefit 96 villages across 8 blocks in Palamu district, including Chainpur, Medininagar, Satbarwa, Vishrampur, Chattarpur, Husainabad, Heernagar, and Mohammadganj. The project aims to provide drinking water and irrigation facilities through underground pipelines, directly lifting 31.397 MCM of water from the Son and North Koel rivers and the Auranga river. This endeavor will ensure the filling of identified reservoirs, with 1.926 MCM of water earmarked for drinking purposes. The project will be implemented in two packages: Package 1 covering the North Koel and Auranga river sources and Package 2 focusing on the Son river source. Under Package 1, water will be directed to various reservoirs, benefiting Chainpur and Medininagar blocks. Similarly, under Package 2, water will be diverted to dams like Batra, Dhankai, Tali, Sukhnadiya, and Karma Kalan, benefiting Vishrampur, Chattarpur, Husainabad, Heernagar, and Mohammadganj blocks. This comprehensive effort aims to address water scarcity and boost agricultural productivity in the region.

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