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Campaign, Emphasizes Social Security for Strong State: Chief Minister

SANJAY PANDEY, EW News: Chief Minister Shri Hemant Soren, speaking at the third phase of the “Your Plan-Your Government-Your Door” campaign in Colebira, Simdega district, stressed the need for social security, stating, “Until people ensure social security, the state won’t strengthen.” The campaign, resembling a festive atmosphere, attracts a large number of attendees, fostering direct dialogue between citizens and officials to address and solve their issues.

Highlighting Jharkhand’s 23 years of existence, the Chief Minister acknowledged the abundance of natural resources in the state, yet lamented the lag in expected development. He outlined initiatives such as the Abua Housing Scheme, aiming to provide well-equipped houses to the poor and homeless, with plans to construct 8 lakh houses in the next three years. Additionally, the “Gram Gadi” scheme ensures free bus transportation for senior citizens, differently-abled individuals, and students, enhancing connectivity between villages and cities.

Emphasizing the role of government employees in serving the public, Chief Minister Soren stated that diligent work would be rewarded by the government. He unveiled 653 projects, costing approximately ₹20.99 crore, and laid the foundation for 800 more initiatives, totaling an expenditure of ₹134.78 crore. The inauguration included 1453 projects worth ₹155.78 crore, benefitting 40,321 beneficiaries who received assets amounting to ₹31.17 crore.

The Chief Minister expressed confidence in the success of the third phase, fostering development, empowerment, and self-reliance among the residents. Notable attendees at the event included Minister Shri Satyanand Bhokta, MLA Shri Naman Viksal Kongari, Shri Bhushan Bada, Shri Bhushan Tirkey, Chief Secretary Shri Vinay Kumar Choubey, and district officials, along with the police superintendent.



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