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Bihar government is exploiter of Bahujan community: Anil Kumar

Bahujan Samaj Party delegation met the victim of Mausimpur, assured of justice

Alok Nandan @ EW News: 

Patna: Bahujan Samaj Party state in-charge Anil Kumar today once again strongly attacked the grand alliance government of Bihar comprising Nitish Kumar and Tejashwi Yadav. On this occasion, he described the Bihar government as an exploiter of the Bahujan community and said that the Khusrupur incident was carried out by power-supported criminals. Government goons also have equal involvement in this.


It is unfortunate that women are being disrespected under the rule of those who talk about women’s respect in the House. This incident brings shame to entire Bihar. If the uncle-nephew government of Bihar has any sense of shame, then it should give the harshest punishment to the culprit of this incident. But this possibility is less. But Bahujan Samaj Party will fight this sister’s battle strongly.


Anil Kumar said these things today in Mausimpur of Khusrupur block, where recently a criminal named Pramod Singh had brought a woman to his house in the dark of night for money and had allegedly beaten her badly and stripped her. He had also urinated on it. Anil Kumar along with a delegation of BSP officials had gone to meet the victim of this incident at her house today. Where Anil Kumar also provided financial help to the victim.


After getting complete information about the incident, Anil Kumar said that Nitish-Tejashwi’s government wants to trample the Dalits, the exploited and the deprived under its shoes. That’s why the police administration is silent on this incident like Manipur and the police of Bihar is bowing before the government goons. He said that we will fight for justice for this woman and if needed, the struggle will be fierce.

Central state in-charge Lalji Meghankar said that the Manuwadi and feudalist government and administration of Bihar are insensitive towards the atrocities being committed on the people of Dalit, exploited, oppressed, backward and minority communities. Every day such incidents are happening in Bihar, on which the government and administration are silent and are bowing down before the criminals. Lalu and Nitish can stoop to any extent to remain in power in Bihar. This is the reason why they are giving protection to criminals to solve the social equation in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.What an irony it is that the government is formed with our votes and we do not get justice.


Meanwhile, the victim’s family members gave detailed information about the incident and said that she had repaid the loan of Rs 1500 two years ago. Despite this, the bullies harassed him a lot for interest on that money and in the end this gruesome incident was carried out. During this time, under the leadership of Bahujan Samaj Party state in-charge Anil Kumar, a foot march was also taken out for the arrest of criminals and slogans were raised against the government and administration.



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