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Benefit from Government Schemes with Priority:  Garima Singh

Latehar EW News: A review meeting of development schemes operated by the Welfare Department and Integrated Tribal Development Agency (ITDA) under the chairmanship of Deputy Commissioner Mrs. Garima Singh was organized in the Deputy Commissioner’s office.

During the review, the Deputy Commissioner provided necessary directions while gathering information on the implementation of various schemes, including scholarship schemes, bicycle distribution schemes, medical grants, cemetery enclosures, Chief Minister Health Assistance Scheme, Chief Minister Employment Creation Scheme, and others.

In the course of the review, the Deputy Commissioner directed to ensure that 100% of students receive scholarships based on information gathered on matriculation, post-matriculation, and scholarship payments.

The Deputy Commissioner reviewed residential schools and hostel facilities and provided necessary directions. The Deputy Commissioner instructed to expedite the Welfare Department’s schemes and to continuously monitor them.

During the meeting, while reviewing the Chief Minister Health Assistance Scheme, the Deputy Commissioner directed to ensure that needy people benefit from the scheme. The review of other schemes operated by ITDA was conducted by the Deputy Commissioner, with instructions to ensure that all eligible beneficiaries benefit from these schemes.

She said that Welfare Department and ITDA-operated schemes should be implemented in a better manner so that the standard of living of individuals from Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, backward and minority communities can be improved. She further stated that implementation of schemes should ensure adherence to prescribed standards and quality.

In the meeting, ITDA Director Mr. Praveen Kumar Gagarai, Additional Superintendent Mr. Rama Ravidas, District Welfare Officer Mr. Anil Kumar, Special Executive Officer Confidential Branch Mr. Shreyansh, and other relevant officials including Executive Engineer were present.

Sanjay Kumar Pandey



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