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Another blow to the people facing inflation, the price of milk increased

Dhanbad. In the Corona era, where the government is doing new things for the health of the people. On the other hand inflation is worsening the economic condition of the people. This time the price of milk has gone up. The price of milk, the most nutritious food for children, is witnessing a steady rise in the prices of milk in the past. Sudha Milk’s company has increased the price of milk by ₹2. According to the company management, the cost price has increased due to the rising price of diesel and increase in the purchase price from the farmers, due to which the prices of milk have to increase. Sudha Company has increased the prices of all its products.

Here, after the increase in the milk price of the company, the local people have also increased the price of milk. It is to be said that rising diesel prices have affected them too. Animal feed in Dhanbad comes from Bengal. Fodder prices have also increased. In many places, the local cowherds are selling milk for ₹50 to ₹52.

Mustard oil Rs 190 a liter

The price of mustard oil, the most important thing for the people, has also gone up to ₹190 liter. It was on this in the market that I have spoiled the budget of people’s kitchen. The same vegetable is not available in the market less than ₹ 40. Rising prices have kept the life of the common man comfortable. People say that it has become difficult to live in such inflation. The prices of everything are increasing, so what can common people do now.

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