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Ancient Jain pilgrimage site discovered in Jharkhand’s Kolhua Hill

Sanjay Kumar Pandey

The Kolhua Hill in Jharkhand has been unveiled as a remarkable pilgrimage site, steeped in ancient history and cultural significance. Located in the Hunterganj block of Chatra district, this area has garnered attention for its profound Jain heritage and natural beauty.

According to local legends, the 10th Jain Tirthankar, Lord Shitalnath, attained enlightenment through rigorous meditation on this hill. The area boasts ancient Jain scriptures, sculptures, and temples, reflecting a rich cultural legacy. Dense forests, fragrant herbs, pristine lakes, and sprawling mountain ranges contribute to its captivating natural allure.

Situated about 15 miles from Dobhi, the village of Ganghri serves as the gateway to this sacred land. From there, a picturesque route leads to Dantara, home to Digambar Jain temples and monasteries. Renowned scholars like Dr. Rajaram Jain have extensively studied this region, documenting its significance in Jain literature.

The Kolhua Hill, towering at 1575 feet, has been identified as a sacred site since ancient times. Historical records from as early as 1901 mention numerous Jain temples on the hill, with remnants still visible today. Among them, a pristine Jain temple stands tall, adorned with sculptures depicting Jain Tirthankars. A cave temple nearby houses a magnificent idol of Lord Rishabhanath, surrounded by idols of other revered Jain figures.

A pilgrimage to the Kolhua Hill often includes a visit to the revered Kaleshwari Temple, attracting thousands of devotees annually. Further exploration reveals a colossal cave housing an ancient idol of Lord Parshvanath, revered as Jain Bhairav. Efforts are underway to develop this site into a national tourist destination, preserving its historical and cultural significance for generations to come



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