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Ajay Maken named new Congress Treasurer, replaces Pawan Bansal

Amit Gaur @ EW News

In a significant development within the Indian National Congress party, senior leader Ajay Maken has been named as the new Treasurer, replacing Pawan Bansal. The decision, announced on Sunday, comes just months ahead of the highly anticipated Lok Sabha elections, during which the party will be intensifying its fundraising efforts.

Ajay Maken, 59, known for his proximity to Rahul Gandhi, was officially appointed as the new Treasurer of the Congress. This appointment follows his nomination to the Congress Working Committee (CWC) by senior party leader Mallikarjun Kharge in August, signifying his growing influence within the party.

The choice of Maken as the new Treasurer reflects the party’s determination to strengthen its financial position and streamline its fundraising efforts in the lead-up to the upcoming elections. It is evident that Kharge was seeking a new leader to assume the role of Treasurer, as Pawan Bansal did not secure a place within the party’s main decision-making body.

Notably, Ajay Maken had previously requested Congress leadership to relieve him from his position as General Secretary in-charge of Rajasthan, indicating his willingness to take on new responsibilities within the party.

As the new Treasurer, Ajay Maken is expected to play a pivotal role in managing the party’s finances, ensuring adequate resources for election campaigns, and spearheading fundraising initiatives as Congress gears up for a crucial electoral battle in the months to come.

The appointment of Maken as Congress Treasurer underscores the party’s commitment to strategic changes and preparations as it aims to make a mark in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. This development will undoubtedly be closely watched by political observers and party members alike.



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