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Yogi government fails  in controlling crime : Akhilesh

Anil Malviya, EW News

Lucknow, Samajwadi Party National President Akhilesh Yadav has said that the BJP government has completely failed in controlling crime in the state. BJP government’s claim of zero tolerance on crime is a deception. Law and order has collapsed in the state. The police administration is paralyzed and seems to be more concerned with hiding and protecting its failures and corruption rather than stopping crimes. The public is deeply troubled and terrified under the BJP rule.

     Two people were killed and many were injured in a land dispute in Kanpur Dehat. A heinous murder taking place over a minor dispute shows that the criminals have no fear left. They are not hesitating at all in carrying out incidents like murder, robbery, dacoity, rape etc. Earlier, the negligence of the administration has been exposed in the murders that took place in Sultanpur and Deoria.

     In the capital Lucknow itself, a BJP councilor hatched a conspiracy and got himself attacked, even after all the facts were revealed, the police failed to arrest the councilor who was growing up under the protection of power. Be it the case of kidnapping of an architect in Dubagga or the murder of a wife in Jankipuram, the police remained lax in arresting the accused. In Modinagar, Ghaziabad, a fearless criminal attacked and injured a girl student who was going for tuition with a sword.

     In Uttar Pradesh, the safety of sisters and daughters depends on God. In the capital Lucknow on Thursday night, a deaf and mute girl sleeping on the divider near Lucknow University was raped. In Hata, a woman was raped at knife point after entering her house. Like the kidnapping of five-year-old Kittu in Meerut, Shabina, who was kidnapped from Kankarkheda, has also not been found.

     The truth is that BJP has also included anarchists in its beneficiary category and they are getting full protection from the government. They are unbridled. The public is well aware of this changed character of BJP. She is just waiting for the 2024 Lok Sabha elections.



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