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Troubled by molestation, girls surrounded the house of the accused

Troubled by daily molesting, the patience of schoolgirls finally broke. Girl students surrounded Gopi Singh, accused of molestation. The gheraoing girls were demanding to call the police and arrest the accused. When the police did not reach despite the gherao for about one and a half hours, the girls reached the police station and started demanding action from the police.

There the girls gave a written complaint to the police. The girl students were supported by their parents as well as the students and teachers of the school. In fact, the students of class 9th-10th studying in Vidya Vikas Kendra High School located in Mohan Nagar of Khalari were disturbed by the molesting of some anti-social elements around. The girl students alleged that the molesters are from Mohannagar. 

A day earlier on Thursday, when they were going home after school holiday, three youths started molesting them. They were asking the girl students to remove the masks. The girls informed their parents about this. The parents reached the school on Friday. This increased the courage of the girl students and they surrounded the house of accused Gopi. But as soon as the girl students reached there, the accused fled.

(EW Correspondent)



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