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The inflammability of the Bihari protest

Acharya Vishnu Hari


People’s feelings and concepts are contained in words. Words are originated and words have meaning according to public sentiments and concepts. Circumstances make words negative as well as positive, heroes as well as villains, icons as well as symbols of hatred. For example, we use the word Bihari. The word Bihari was once very positive and a symbol of respect, Bihar was the first school of democracy, Bihar was the heritage of Chanakya’s glorious history, Bihar has been the legacy of many legends including Guru Govind Singh, Mahavir, Mahatma Buddha Bihar has been the land of action and knowledge. Bihar was the birthplace of Sher Shah and the last Hindu king Vikramaditya Hemu.


There is no need to tell how much today’s circumstances have filled the word Bihari with contempt, hatred and stigma. Outside Bihar, the word Bihari is used to hate and disparage, stigmatize and spread violence on them. This is not just a social question, this context has also become political. These questions and mentalities come out of the gland of excellence, come out of flamingness, Parampara or the criterion of truth does not even exist, but the point of view should be independent, unbiased and try to tell yourself the best. You have to be free from the gland, you have to leave the vision of violent and disintegration mentality of regionalism.


I have experienced poisoning. I have felt bad. I have experienced flammability. Have experienced the violent processes of lies and fabricated knots. Let me give the example of Ahmedabad city of Gujarat. I was a key member of Narendra Modi’s election campaign during the 2012 assembly elections. For this reason I was studying the election conditions of Ahmedabad. I was face to face with journalism students. I asked them what is the biggest problem of Ahmedabad? Journalism students replied that Biharis have destroyed the fleet, spread filth, increased crime, are making the society dirty, besides this Made many allegations. I was speechless after hearing this, my mouth was closed, I said with difficulty that I am in Ahmedabad for the last six months, I have not seen Biharis, I have not seen any such symptoms, I myself was looking for Biharis here. , The reason behind my craving was food, because my health was going bad due to the excess of sweets in Gujarati food. I inspired the students of journalism to study and came out on the streets of Ahmedabad. No Bihari was found among those selling small essential items on the side of the roads, those who set up hawkers on the side of the roads. Most of the people who put carts, hawkers and sell essential goods on the roads were from Rajasthan, some were from Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh. I asked the journalism students that these people are from Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra, there is not a single Bihari among them. Got the reply that he is a Bihari. I understood that whoever gets service on the roadside will be called Bihari. I had attained a great knowledge.


The use of the word Bihari has become common in the country’s capital Delhi, if you want to abuse, show hatred, insult, insult, then the use of the word Bihari is mandatory. Even Arvind Kejriwal has done the work of humiliating Biharis by using the word Bihari. Arvind Kejriwal used to say that because of Biharis there is extra burden on government hospitals, the hospitals are dirty, Biharis are consuming health services meant for the people of Delhi. Biharis are blamed for the filth in Delhi, Biharis are blamed for the crime in Delhi. There is a large number of Biharis in Delhi, this cannot be denied. But are there only Biharis in Delhi? Do a survey, do an independent and unbiased study, the situation will become clear. People from Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand will be found more than Biharis. Four-five times more people from Uttar Pradesh will meet Biharis. The entire hill population of Uttarakhand came and settled in Delhi. Dozens of hill populated localities will be found in Delhi. People of Uttarakhand will be found openly doing regionalism. Delhi is the capital of the country. Delhi does not belong to any one area population. Delhi is home to the population of the entire country. That’s why Delhi bears the burden of the entire country’s population.


There are three criteria, these three criteria but the reason behind it has to be known and understood. The first test is social, the second test is economic and the third test is political. There is hatred for living in the social test, because the population migrating from Bihar belongs to laborer culture, they put their support on the side of the roads. It is natural for the people living on the streets to lack luster on their clothes and faces. On the economic criterion, Bihari people create a difference in the economic condition of the local people. Criticizing Biharis in the political test is a major objective to create space among the local population. That’s why not only the campaign goes on, but at some places violent campaign also goes on.


An example of this can be seen now. Recently, the Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh Sakkhu created a stir by blaming Biharis for the natural calamity in his place. Sakkhu said that Biharis have done the work of Biharis for the calamity in their state. This allegation is exaggerated. Because those whom Sakkhu is calling architects are masons and their status is only that of a laborer. A mason is a slave of the employer, he builds the house the employer wants. It is the work of the administration and the government to see whether the house is being built according to the mountain and geographical ecology. Why was the government and the administration silent when multi-storeyed houses and business establishments are being built without any scientific basis. Truth is very bitter, very dangerous. The truth is that the conditions have changed due to tourism khori, additional constructions were done in tourism khori, extra load was put on the mountain. The Government of Himachal Pradesh runs from Tourism Khori. The cattle and looter mentality of the country exploited the mountains of Himachal Pradesh, consumed black money and made resort after resort. These resorts are havens of fun where all systems and ideals are broken, destruction of nature is an inevitable link. That’s why their own tourism khori, their mentality of earning money through tourism khori are guilty for the natural disaster of the mountain, apart from this, the resort mentality of looters and money animals is also no less guilty. But Bihari laborers are being blamed for this natural calamity, which is not only an exaggerated test of humanity, but also dangerous. Such mindsets have been seen in Kerala, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu.


Bihari laborers need development. The construction sector understands the need of Bihari laborers. The agriculture sector of Punjab understands the need of laborers from Bihar. Even the untrained laborers of Bihar are better and hardworking than the trained laborers of other states.


But we should not ignore the political aspect of Bihar as well. There is Lalu-Nitish rule in Bihar for thirty years. For thirty years, the causes of migration ie the problem of flood and drought were not diagnosed. Drought persists in half of Bihar and flood situation persists in half of Bihar.


Are Bihari himself also guilty and responsible? Bihar could have been developed as a knowledge hub. The legacy of Nalanda could be brought alive. Why do the children of Bihar go to study in other states? Rather the children of other states would make Bihar the refuge of their knowledge. That’s why the people of Bihar are also guilty of choosing wrong political destiny maker somewhere.




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