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Swift action against misconduct towards election personnel: K. Ravi Kumar

Sanjay Kumar Pandey

Ranchi EW News:  Chief Electoral Officer K. Ravi Kumar has
emphasized the importance of safeguarding both voters and all
personnel involved in the election process. He stated that it is the
responsibility of the district administration to ensure this security.
Any disruptions caused by undesirable elements to BLOs and polling
parties while they are performing their duties should be met with
swift action. Kumar stressed that misconduct towards election staff
will not be tolerated under any circumstances. Ranchi an inspection of
various polling stations in urban areas with low voter turnout in the
previous election in Deoghar district, Kumar assessed preparations for
the upcoming 2024 Lok Sabha elections. He issued essential directives
to concerned officials to enhance these preparations. Kumar directed
that all minimum facilities be provided at polling stations and urged
voters to fulfill their duty by participating in the voting process.
Ranchiinspecting different polling stations, Kumar instructed BLOs to
expedite the distribution of voter information slips within the
specified timeframe. He reviewed the setup of polling booths,
including the seating arrangement for presiding officers and other
polling personnel, placement of EVM machines, and installation of CCTV
cameras, among other related facilities. Ranchiinspectingrmation from
BLOs about the voter list, particularly duplicate entries, and
instructed that reports be maintained in the format provided by the
Election Commission of India. He also directed the activation of
volunteer groups and polling center awareness groups to accelerate
voter awareness activities in the respective areas. Ensuring the
provision of running water in polling station restrooms was another
directive he issued. The Chief Electoral Officer inspected polling
stations at the State Bank Institute of Learning and Development in
Deoghar, as well as St. Columba’s School, Government Primary School in
Saloona Tanda, and the Community Building in Rampur. During the
inspections, District Electoral Officer Vishal Sagar, Deputy Electoral
Officer Shailesh Kumar Singh, Media Cell Nodal Officer and District
Public Relations Officer Rahul Kumar Bharti, and Circle Officer Anil
Kumar, among others, were present.

Over ₹1.28 Billion Worth of Illegal Goods and Cash Seized: Dr. Neha Arora

Dr. Neha Arora, Additional Chief Electoral Officer, reported
that 63.21% of the electorate participated in the fifth phase of the
elections, while the by-election in the Gandey Assembly constituency
saw a turnout of 68.92%. Voting for the fifth phase took place on May
20 across three parliamentary constituencies: Chatra, Hazaribagh, and
Koderma. Voter turnout was 63.69% in Chatra, 61.81% in Koderma, and
64.39% in Hazaribagh. Dr. Arora shared these details during a press
conference at the Election House in Dhurwa on Wednesday. Dr. Neha
Arora highlighted a significant trend in these three parliamentary
constituencies: more women voted than men across all 16 assembly
constituencies within these areas. In Koderma’s Bagodar Assembly
constituency, the women’s voter turnout was notably higher than that
of men, with women casting 74.49% of the votes compared to 53.23% by
men, marking a difference of 21.26%. The smallest gap between male and
female voter turnout was in the Barkagaon Assembly constituency of
Hazaribagh, where women voted 1.46% more than men. Additionally, Dr.
Neha Arora announced that since the Model Code of Conduct was
implemented, illegal goods and cash worth over ₹1.28 billion have been
seized in Jharkhand.



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