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Sudden boom in postcard sales, more than one lakh postcards were sold in a month

Ranchi, On the completion of 20 years of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s political tenure, people from all over the country have sent congratulatory messages to him through postcards. A large number of people from Ranchi have also sent postcards to the Prime Minister. There has been a sudden spurt in the sale of postcards in the last month at the head post office in Doranda. Since September 15, more than one lakh postcards have been sold. Although the sales from the post office counters are less, the number of people buying in bulk is many times higher.

Talking about last week alone, between 8 to 9 thousand postcards have been sold. A post office worker said that a day earlier a person had bought 1500 postcards. In the second days also, there has been a purchase of postcards in bulk. A stock of more than one lakh postcards is also kept in the Treasury at Doranda Post Office. The postal workers told that dust used to settle on the postcards kept in the stock earlier. But suddenly the sale of postcards has increased. There is enough new stock in the post office. However, the old stock is now running out.

BJP state president and MP Deepak Prakash has sent a congratulation to the PM by writing postcards from the booths of Patel Park and Pandara Bazar located in Harmu. On the other hand, BJP Legislature Party leader and former Chief Minister Babulal Marandi sent a postcard by attending the booth program at Hatma Basti on Kanke Road. At the same time, State General Secretary Aditya Sahu wrote a letter to Modi from Kuchu booth.

In the program organized by Lalit Narayan Ojha, the State General Secretary of BJP Kisan Morcha in Pandara Bazar, 700 laborers expressed their gratitude to the Prime Minister through postcards. BJP state president and MP Deepak Prakash was also present in the program.

(EW correspondent)



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