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Submerged pictures in many areas of Palamu is disturbing: Vijeta Verma

Ranchi. Today my heart is disturbed seeing the pictures of submerged Palamu district. There is a lot of pain in my heart. The life of the people here has become hell due to the negligence of the Municipal Corporation. These things were said by senior leader of AJSU party and former Daltonganj assembly candidate Vijeta Verma. the winner said.

 It is a matter of surprise that the public representatives of the corporation are elected by the public and entrusted with the responsibility of systemicizing the system. But people are feeling cheated today.

Most of the drains and sewers in Medininagar area are not working properly.

The rain water has now taken the form of a flood.

The hellish condition of Kund Mohalla Pahari Mohalla has shaken his soul as well. They are not able to sleep thinking about how people are living their lives, how they will be able to save their people safely and how their life will be after the flood is over. Vijeta Verma says.

 On the other hand the deputy mayor goes out to see the floods in the city.

You don’t have to go out to see the flood.

It is such a carelessness that it is not forgivable. The present government has got into the habit of serving political interests in every work. In the coming few months, Panchayat elections are to be held, so stones are being laid on the road. Municipal Corporation had the slightest concern for the residents of the area, Medininagar would not have been submerged today. The people of the area will definitely answer this in the Panchayat elections and will tell them how much they care about their lives.

The area around the banks of the Koel river is clearly telling that the fundamental rights of the citizens here have been treated unfairly. Vijeta said that she appeals to the people to stay away from the flood waters and move to a safe place to avoid the floods of the Koel river who reached a safe place.

She wants to say that the representative elected from the corporation still has time to take care of the people of the area.

(EW Correspondent)



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