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Student of Ranchi designed a “Desi smart watch“

Ranchi; Rohit, a resident of Ranchi, has made such a indigenous smart watch which is similar to foreign companies but not as expensive. Rohit’s Desi Smart Watch will also act as an oximeter and pulse measuring machine and will inform you about the oxygen and pulse levels in your body varying from time to time. Actually, Rohit is a final year student of engineering, and while completing a project, along with some of his colleagues, he has designed a home-made device.

Not only this, but Rohit has also developed a smart phone, which will send alert messages to your chosen four people in case of medical emergency. They have also prepared a medicine box that will tell you which medicine to take when. Discussions of this exploit of Rohit are happening across the country. Today his entire family is not blown away by the fame Rohit is getting.

Rohit claims that all these electronic medical devices will be so cheap that even an ordinary person can buy it. Rohit has done this feat at a time when its need is being felt passionately.




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